1. You’ll meet like-minded individuals.
  2. You’ll receive advice and guidance from fellow runners.
  3. You’ll be able to help out other runners.
  4. You can take part in races as a group. Becoming part of a running club means that when it comes to race day, you will have several fellow runners and friends racing alongside you. Team spirit can be integral to an athlete’s success, and racing with fellow club members really embodies this.
  5. You can share your achievements with other members. You’ll meet a whole group of people who may also get a bit excited when you compare stats, times and even your latest gadgets.
  6. You may get discounts to events and races. For example, Macon Tracks members get a discount to races that participate in the Macon Tracks/OrthoGa series races.  For some non-local events, we negotiate discounted hotel rates.
  7. You may be more likely to stick to running if you take part in a group activity.
  8. You’ll hear about the latest running events and news.
  9. You can participate in Challenge of the Miles with other members.
  10. You’ll learn about, and maybe even take part in, other sports.
  11. You can chat and enjoy each other’s company while running. You could even make friends for life!
  12. You’ll be introduced to a whole new social circle.
  13. You’ll get in shape.
  14. You’ll be more inspired to get out there and train.
  15. Similarly, you’ll be more likely to enter races, as you know you have a whole club backing you.
  16. Fellow members can help you seek out personal trainers, physical therapists, coaches, sports masseuses and even the best gyms.
  17. They can even recommend the best running music and apps for your solo training. The techniques and recommendations you receive from other running club members can easily be incorporated into your solo sessions, so you can improve even when you’re not running as part of a group.
  18. If you don’t know many people in the area, joining Macon Tracks is a great way of introducing yourself to local residents.
  19. Beginners are more than welcome!
  20. At the end of a long running session, you can complain/praise/chat right away.